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Special Guest: IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Athena Siganakis

Looking Back:

Behind the scenes leading up to the IFBB Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships 2008

Erin Stern recieved her invite to the Arnold Classic, which will be her first IFBB Pro showing after winning the Overall Figure title at NPC Nationals in Atlanta. This compilation is her showing during prejudging and the evening show at the NPC Southeastern USA where Erin became qualified to compete at nationals a mere month prior to turning pro. This small town Ocala lady has hit the big time and we expect much more from this lady with her strong work ethic and natural gifts.
Maria Florencia Onori Poses for Playboy's Virgin Mary Shoot Prior To Christmas: Smooth Marketing Move for Playboy, but Possible Career Stopper for Onori? (continued)

Arnold Classic 2009 Participants Announced (continued)

Kelli Correa Thoughts About her FBB to Figure Switch (continued)

Exercise No Nos for the Ladies; Kristal Richardson (continued)

December 20th Radio Show Interview with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Isabelle Turell co-hosted by Lori Steele another hot bodybuilding lady discussing their past season, offseason, and what else? Of course, the upcoming 2009 competitive season.
December 13 Radio Show with lady athlete Melody Chao. NYCStrongFox as she is known in many quarters Melody has competed in bodybuilding, figure, and would have competed in fitness if not for a recent ACL injury. Melody shares some of her history, trials through the injury and rehabilitation and her plans and expectations for the 2009 competitive season. Melody Chao
December 6 Radio Show with Bodybuilding Beauty Maryann Glascock chatting about her top placings at the 2008 Arnold and IFBB North American along with her background, training, hammy injury, plans for 2009, moderating experience at, and more.
NPC Nationals After Party Clip we produced in silly commercial format. Hope you like as you can see the current Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson dancing along with Jay Cutler looking depressed, Phil Heath partying with Nicole Duncan, and many more IFBB and NPC studs and divas.
November 29th, date of the NPC South Florida District Championships in Hialeah, Florida! New venue this year at HIALEAH SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, 251 EAST 47TH STREET. Find out more at We shot the show for Sergio & Mari and conducting a variety of interviews that will be coming your way here and at the South Florida Championship and our sister site Kai Green made an unscheduled guest posing appearance as he was in town with his girlfriend Olympian Dayana Cadeau.Check out the video of his guest posing routine.
Lil Miss Cris (Chrissy Wan, IFBB Pro Figure) has some fun with me grilling Maria Bellando over her schedule for 2009. This was filmed Nov. 29 at the South Florida District Championships in Miami.
South Florida District Championships

November 22 Radio Show with NPC Nationals competitor Lori Steele about her prep for Nats and interview with Figure Competitor Lisa T. Daniel sharing with us info about the benefits of massage, pilates, yoga, and more! Link to early interview with Lori


November 15th Radio Show Special Guest Pam Betz, organizer for the NPC Nationals in Atlanta. Pam discusses this year's event, along with other related topics including the recent passage of her dear friend Steve Stone and what he meant to not only the nationals expediting process, but to the entire national level show scene.

2008 NPC Nationals Bodybuilding & Figure Competition
2008 All South

The All South was a great one with over ninety competitors competing in the nations oldest city. This was a record year of attendance and all the competitors who won not only qualified for nationals, but will be hitting the stage in Atlanta on Nov. 21 & 22.

Dvd coverage of the prejudging, & evening show along with weigh-in footage, and interviews provided here. Complete set $30.

November 8st Radio Show (special 1hr show) features IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor Nicole Duncan who shares with us details of her experience competing at the Ms Fitness Olympia this year, about her years of cheerleading for the Atlanta Falcons, her business Fit Nic Inc, and the tremendous NPC Nationals After Party Nicole is throwing at Tin Pin Alley!


Nicole Duncan's After Party
November 1st Radio Show All South Championships Promoter and NPC Judge & District Chairman Pete Fancher joins us. Well he is already the lead writer for our Bodybuilding Fitness Figure newsletter and website, but he joins us on air to talk about the upcoming All South Championships to be held on Nov 8th in St. Augustine and what we can expect on next years' calendar and out of the NPC meeting at Nationals in Atlanta.  
Video Sample from the Galleries
Bodybuilding Fitness Figure New's Jenna Mitcheson Gets the David Henry Family Low down!

Lift Studios Isaac Hinds Versus MusclePapa John Hawley Video Challenge

Oct. 30, 2008

Sioux wrote,
"Isaac & John Challenge/ 2008 Nationals!
You both are videographers. You both have interviewed dozens of competitors.

Who is the best?
Lets have some fun (yes, fun, no boxing), and find out who is the best videographer / interviewer.

You both will be at the upcoming 2008 NPC National Championships.

Interview competitors at the Nationals and upon your return home you both email me the short video clips and I will upload them to my YouTube Channel.

I'll upload them the same day (give me a little time) and whoever has the most views 30 days later wins!
Loser donates $100 to our Sponsorship fund.
"www. SiouxCountry. com

Both Hinds and I took the challenge.

October 25 Radio Show (advance for web) with Ty Pope, NPC nationally qualified bodybuilder, minister and PROMOTER of the NPC Battle on the Coast Bodybuilding & Figure Competition to be held on Nov. 1 at the Satellite High School Auditorium, 300 Scorpion Court, Satellite Beach, Fl. As a competitor himself we can count on Ty rolling out the red carpet for the competitors. There is a special discounted rate at the host hotel, and a mandatory early weigh-in. Tickets are very affordable at $10 for prejudging and $20 for the evening event. Visit for all the show information including entry forms, find out about the sponsors or maybe become one yourself. Battle on the Coast
October 18 Radio Show Orlando Barbell President Brian Schwab joins us to discuss details of the Oct. 18 ORLANDO BARBELL OCTOBER APF CLASSIC Powerlifting Meet held at the Universal Studios Double Tree Hotel, Orlando, Fl. Brian is a top ranked lifter himself, who is well known throughout the region as a major player in the promotion of Iron Sports. This is an APF sanctioned meet consisting of Full Power, Bench Only, Deadlift Only, Ironman, Raw Full Power, & Raw Bench. Contact Brian for more information at 407-678-2447 and visit them on the web at


Orlando Barbell October APF Classic Squat Gallery

Orlando Barbell October APF Classic Bench Press Gallery

Orlando Barbell October APF Classic Deadlift & Finals Gallery

Orlando Barbell October Meet


The Olympia Crown Goes to,...

Dexter "The Blade" Jackson!

The man who nearly 15 years ago competed successfully at the NPC Southern States show at around 140 lbs was crowned Saturday night Sept. 27 in Las Vegas, Nevada as only the 12 ever Mr. Olympia. Dexter said it was a dream come true. Congratulations to the man and all his fans many of whom have graced the pages of Southern Muscle Plus striving to realize the dream that is Dexter's reality.

Kevin Richardson October 4 Radio Show Kevin Richardson discusses his Naturally Intense philosophy that incorporates a holistic approach to individual attainment of a healthy lifestyle incorporating a balance of proper diet, exercise that emphasizes the importance connection of mind and body. This is the first of a two part interview series with Richardson who is also a contributor to the Bodybuilding Fitness, & Figure newsletter wherein he will provide in more detail his thoughts on attaining and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.
Steve Stone

Steve Stone Collapses Backstage At IFBB Olympia Of Heart Attack

Well known and liked Steve Stone, vice chairman of the New York Metropolitan NPC, expeditor of many shows including the Olympia, and himself a bodybuilder collapsed Friday, Sept. 26, 2008 backstage at the IFBB Olympia contest and was taken to a hospital but could not be saved. "Besides being a friend, Steve Stone was one of the hardest working NPC officials in our sport, who worked tirelessly from the local level to the Olympia," Peter Potter, NPC vice chairman noted. "His passing will be a great loss to us all. My deepest sympathies go out to his wife Andrea and his entire family." Stone was active on stage himself as a bodybuilder with numerous high ranking showing at national shows in the late 80's and early 90's notably 1st place as a Light-HeavyWeight at the 1990 IFBB North American Championships. Stone hung in interesting circles with a training partner the likes of WWE Founder Vince McMahon. Considering his reputation for keeping shows on time a fitting tribute he would surely consider having the shows continue on in timely fashion with the same care and consideration for athletes, fans, and officials that his expediting exemplified.

Space Coast Barbell

Sept 26 Radio Show Audio: Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Gym Owner Joe DeGiovine is all that and more including the husband of Amy DeGiovine, overall figure winner at the NPC Ancient City Classic and father of a future competitor young Brittany. Joe is rather unique in his powerlifting as he does it raw and hits big numbers with a 585# bench and 705# dead lift. Joe shares with us some of his story and his plans to compete at the OBB meet in Orlando on Oct. 18 to qualify for the full squat, bench, deadlift competition at Raw Unity nationals on January 24, 2009 in New Port Richey. After making his mark at nationals Joe plans to devote some time to his nutritional needs in preparation for bodybuilding competition. This guy is hard core!

Hurricane & Typhoon Bay 2008 Rocked the House!

With 140 top NPC competitors filling the stage in Tampa on Saturday the packed house could not possibly have been more happy with this year's Hurricane & Typhoon Bay. Promoter and National Level Judge Tim Gardner and his lovely wife IFBB Pro Brandie Gardner did it right supported by many members of their Team Body Tech and a group of judges that came from around the state to make this show happen. And that it did!
Official Hurrican Typhoon Bay Score Sheets

Overall Score Sheet

Southern Muscle Plus Prejudging Gallery sample

NPC Hurricane Bay
Elisa Tavara
Congratulations to our good friend NPC Figure Competitor Elisa Reynosa on her marriage to Andy Tavara on September 13. Elisa has since informed me that she found out she is now an expectant mother! We will expect to see Elisa back on stage shortly afterwards no doubt.
Amazin Lethi is Truly an Amazing Lady!
Amazin Lethi

Sept 20 Radio Show Audio with guest Amazin Lethi, a Vietnamese entertainer, spokesperson, and bodybuilder. Lethi doesn't approach her style of bodybuilding in the traditional sense where she competes for sponsorships and modeling contracts, but has forged her own interesting niche. From New York to Vietnam and many points in between we find the Amazing Amazin Lethi. Currently on her plate is support for a health awareness Stanford University project titled Liverright, a new urban publication in New York, and then numerous projects including introduction of a new high fashion clothing line and continued charitable work in Hanoi, Vietnam next month.


Sept. 13 Radio Show Audio with guest Roger Puffer, national level NPC judge and promoter of the All Forces Championships to be held on October 25, 2008. Puffer gives us an update on the contest and what he has been involved in recently as a judge and bodybuilder at the NPC Southern States and Masters Nationals. Puffer is a great guy and known around the country for his willingness to support others efforts including his brothers and sisters in the U.S. Armed Forces, which he proudly retired from though one wouldn't know it from his zeal for all his comrades in arms.

Tragic Loss of Dan and Erin Schoen

On Sept. 8 a private memorial service was held on behalf of competitive bodybuilders Dan & Erin Schoen at Hurlburt Field Squadron base. At 7:30pm, Sunday August 31 a drunk driver killed these two respected active duty Air Force sergeants while they walked their dog a few blocks from home. Dan was the 2008 NPC Southern USA Heavyweight Champion and 2006 overall NPC Southern USA champion.

“We in the bodybuilding community have lost two very special friends,” Roger Puffer, National Physique Committee (NPC) judge and promoter of the NPC All Forces Championships said. “Not only the bodybuilding community but also the United States Air Force has been devastated by this loss. Both Dan and Erin were career military and were devoted to our country beyond compare. They made the commitment to serve and protect our country until retirement. A decision that not everyone can make. Their hearts were bigger than life. I first met Dan in 2006 when he won the Southern USA overall. I spoke to him and Erin about the All Forces National Military contest this year and they were both very excited about preparing and competing in the contest.”

Lost so young with Erin at 31 years old and Dan at 32 they had so much of their lives still ahead of them. “It is especially difficult to come to grips with such losses especially when they are younger NPC members who have promise and potential that are not given the opportunity to complete the goals they have set for themselves,” Peter Potter, NPC Vice Chairman said. “Losing one NPC athlete is a great loss, but losing two tragically is very hard to come to grips with especially considering how they died. The NPC is a family. If you want to consider it somewhat like a triangle at the base are the athletes and every single athlete is a part of our family. We believe they are part of our group whether an official, young or old, whether they compete, help out at contests, or just join and train. I can only say this tragedy demonstrates why we should show our love and affection for our friends and family today as we never know what is going to happen tomorrow. We at the NPC extend our deepest sympathy to his family and friends and feel badly about losing them.” Four children survive Dan and Erin Schoen.

August 30th Radio Show with Calvin Choy, NPC National Level Bodybuilding Competitor & Promoter of the NPC Royal Palm Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Competition in the Ft. Meyers, Florida area on September 6, 2008. is proud to provide web support for the Calvin at
Three Days Out from Gary Udit's NPC North Americans with a few top ranked Florida competitors.

IFBB Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly NPC Fitness & Figure Extravaganza! August 9, 2008

Disgraced sprinter Marion Jones freed from prison

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Disgraced sprinter Marion Jones was released Friday from federal prison after completing most of her six-month sentence for lying about her steroid use. Jones left a halfway house in San Antonio around 8 a.m., said LaTanya Robinson, a community corrections manager for the federal Bureau of Prisons. Jones, who has a house in Austin, will remain on probation (continued).


Congratulations to Brandie Gardner on her overall Master’s Figure win and the resulting invite into the IFBB Pro ranks. Likewise, congratulations are in order for Teresa Paschal the 50-year-old decades long veteran of female bodybuilding who took the overall bodybuilding crown. Mexican Georgina Valenzuala won the overall figure prize and Natalie Waples took the other pro card invite north of the U.S. border to her native Canada. Congratulations to Mark Lavoie who took home 2 pro-qualifying spots! Our resident bodybuilding competition reviewer Marijan Lipsinic has the low down (continued).

Gov. Sarah Palin: Midnight runs and caribou dinners (Vice Presidential candidates exercise regime discussed in the Wall Street Journal)

Aug 16 Radio Show conversation with NPC Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder Lucy Wilson about her first time experience at nationals in 2007 and plans for the the 2008 NPC Nationals in Atlanta. Lucy is also part of our new organization "Bodybuilding Fitness, Figure News" as our regularly featured host where she will be interviewing athletes, officials, and promoters for regular play on our network of websites and her own at Be sure to check out Lucy's site as we bring you her ramp-up to nationals in video.

Europa 2008 Competition Analysis

Marijan Lipsinic

The inaugural 2008 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Pro Show in Tampa, FL, was a very successful one. Promoter Tim Gardner did a great job organizing the show paying attention to every little detail. Judging was very good. Hopefully in the future we'll have more bodybuilding shows like this one in Tampa.
Let's discuss the athletes (continued).

August 9 Radio Show; Musclepapa takes a solo trip into radioland reviewing some of the experiences from last week's Jacksonville Pro & Dexter Jackson Classic Fitness & Figure Championships. Plus, we ran down some of what will go down at this weekends' IFBB Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly & NPC Fitness & Figure Extravaganza.  

IFBB Jacksonville Pro Figure & Dexter Jackson Classic

August 1 & 2!

Check out the gallery pics

August 2 Radio Show Perspective from John Mier & Kathy Connors recording during the USA's and at the contest in Vegas.
July 26 Radio Show with Santiago "Santi" Aragon after his victory streak at the Mid-Florida, Southern States, & Teen Nationals! Visit to see the cover story in the July issue about this young man.
Santi Aragon

July 19 Radio Show

Jamie Baird, NPC Southern State 2008. This little dynamo Jamie Baird is not only a nerdy, intellectual grad school market research firm owner, but a lovely figure lifestyle enthusiast and athlete that won the Southern States 2008 Over 30 Figure, Overall Masters, & Overall Novice Championship awards! Her last trophy was in 8th grade at the science fair, but this brainy and brawny lady at 31 years young has only just begun.

Jamie Baird

Dexter Jackson

Interview for SMP with Dex

July 12 Radio Show

Round up of some of the competitions in the area along with upcoming ones from the Ancient City Classic, through the Southern States in Ft. Lauderdale, back to Jax for the Jacksonville Pro Figure and Dexter Jackson Classic, and then down to Tampa Town for the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly and NPC Extravaganza! Muscle Papa also discusses athletic modeling needs.


June 28 Show

NPC Vice Chair, & Florida District Chair Peter Potter gives us an update on new developments with this year's NPC Southern States. Plus, Peter reviews the positive contributions of the late John Organ and how his untimely passing has resulted in an end to the coveted IFBB/NPC Palm Beach Pro-Am. It was thought the show might survive, but found to be too much of a challenge to produce without John at the helm. There are two great shows this weekend in Florida including the Ancient City Classic and Miami Championships. Come out and support the athletes and organization.


June 21 Radio Show

MusclePapa John discusses this week's NPC Mid-Florida Muscle Classic to be held in Orlando on June 21, other shows around the Southeast including next weeks NPC Ancient City Classic in St. Augustine, Florida.

Israel Hernandez

June 14 Radio Show

Overview of show: John G. Schleicher, promoter of the NPC Tampa Bay Classic shares some of the history behind his show that is probably one of the largest level III shows in the country and certainly one of the oldest after 26 years. Schleicher having been a competitive bodybuilder himself for many years then also a gym and health food store owner has enjoyed developing the tradition of the Tampa Bay Classic with varied themes each year from the Jurassic Classic after that blockbuster movie in years past to a Celebration of Flags in keeping with the Flag Day theme this year. Check out

2008 NPC Ancient City Classic Everyone loves Gene Schlossberg the fun loving promoter of the NPC Ancient City Classic in St. Augustine. Gene continues to be active as a competitive bodybuilder at nearly eighty years old. Gene is joined in this video clip by athletes and friends to talk about the past and present of the Ancient City Classic. See also for more details and how to participate in this July 28th event.
Casey Daugherty June 7 Radio Show This week on the audio show we will have interviews from a variety of NPC shows this last month from South back to North Florida, from promoters and judges to athletes competing at the events that we are so excited to participate in each season.
  May Newsletter: includes followup on interviews with Adolfo Robles, Jim Kaale, Matt DiRenzo, Gale Elie, and more.
Muscle Mob in Ft. Myers 08


May 17 Audio Show interview with Matt DiRenzo, promoter of the NPC Gulf Coast Championships to be held May 24 in Ft. Myers, Florida. The competition is earlier this year than traditionally, but the Muscle Mob from MD will be back in the house and the guest poser will be none other than IFBB Pro-Bodybuilder Bev DiRenzo, Matt's wife who turned pro at NPC Nationals in 2007.
2007 Picture of our guest Gale Elie national level figure athlete and co-promoter of the Dexter Jackson Classic & Jacksonville Pro-Figure. May 24 Radio Show with Gale Elie discussing her 2nd place finish at the Junior USA's, plans for the remainder of the competion season, and this year's line up for the Dexter Jackson Classic and Jacksonville Pro Figure on August 1 and 2.
John Organ passes 5/20/08

Rest In Peace Our Friend

John Organ

John Organ promoter of the Palm Beach Pro-Am passed away on May 20th from a heart attack. John was but 49 years old. John was one of the most passionate promoters of the sport and will be missed as someone who provided an ever expanding platform of opportunity to the ladies of the sport with his one of the most talked about professional figure competitions in the world, which many up and coming NPC figure athletes relished participating in as John was a trend setter with his Pro-Am. This was his last interview clip from the Superior Classic on May 10, 2008. Rest in peace brother.


NPC Gateway Classic 08 NPC Head Judge interviews with the overall winners after the show is something the district chairs decided was a good thing. So we were able to help facilitate this promotion starting in the 2008 season and first at the Gulf Coast Classic in Lake City, Florida


NPC Superior Classic 2008
(officially sanctioned) DVD Series

$30 plus shipping

Maria Bellando
Dexter "The Blade" Jackson guest posing & comments & NPC Gateway Classic April 28th!

Dexter Jackson Gateway Classic 2008


May 10 Audio Show with Jim Kaale, personal trainer in the Orlando area and NPC test judge about his experiences over the years having been a workout partner with bodybuilding legend Dexter Jackson and about his boot camps and more!

Taking Orders for the April 19th !NPC Southern USA!


2008 Southern USA Show Videos! 6 dvd HD collection $39 complete!

May 3 Audio Show with Adolfo Robles, co-promoter of the NPC Superior Classic scheduled for May 10 in Hialeah, Florida. Adolfo was co-promoter of the NPC South Florida Championships with Sergio Pacheco more than a decade ago and after returning to live in Florida partnered with Dr. John Rhoden to produce the Superior Classic that moves up to a Level IV this year in a bustling part of the state.

April Newsletter: Includes recap of conversations with Peter Potter, Russ Mesey, Tim Gardner, and Deke Warner. Plus, check out the new Dexter Jackson Classic 2008 smokin poster!


Steve Tsitas, Guest Posing 2008 NPC Southern USA

Competiton Followup after the NPC Southern USA Classic:

What a weekend it was at the NPC Southern USA Bodybuilding, Shannon Dey Fitness & Figure Competition! Everything from the host hotel, venue, officials, staff, and athlete turn out was first rate! More details to come including sample video clips and an interview with promoter Patrick Sporer about the event and plans for more bodybuilding, fitness, and figure oriented events in the Panama City, Florida area.

April 19 Audio Show review of NPC Panhandle Showdown with Promoter Russ Mesey. With more than double the competitors and audience participation as last year Russ is very excited about the prospects for the future of the NPC Panhandle Showdown and already talking about another possible show next year!
April 12 Radio Show with Deke Warner, NPC Florida Central District Vice Chairman discussing plans for the NPC Mid-Florida Classic that he promotes along with upcoming shows such as the NPC Gateway Classic. Be sure to register early at the fabulous Rosen Centre host hotel for a terrific time in Orlando at one of Deke's premier events!
Team Body Tech
April 5 Radio Show with Tim Gardner who gives us some details on the big new IFBB Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Competition and NPC Extravaganza he is promoting along with his other shows. Plus, Tim shares with us some of the workings of Team Body Tech the largest bodybuilding, fitness, and figure team in the world. Check them out at Do you have what it takes?

Roger Puffer NPC Judge Promoter

Roger Puffer, NPC International Judge and Promoter of the NPC National All Forces Competition shares this promo update for the show to be held at a new date and location.
Tim Gardner NPC Judge Promoter TeamBodyTech

Video with Team Body Tech shot over Easter Weekend. NPC Judge, Show Promoter, and Trainer Tim Gardner shares a little of the straight skinny about Team Body Tech.

Casey Daugherty, NPC Bodybuilder

Casey Daugherty, NPC bodybuilding competitor does a promo spot for the NPC Gateway Classic where she will be guest posing along with IFBB Pro Dexter The Blade Jackson on April 26th.


Casey Daugherty
We were in Lake City, Florida on Easter weekend getting interviews with Tony Curtis about the Gateway Classic and did a photo/videoshoot with Casey Daugherty in preparation for her next national show. Check out the video for a segment of the interview.


Chase Brewster, NPC Light Heavyweight Bodybuilder Preps for his 2008 Season Kickoff at the NPC Panhandle Show Down in Pensacola, Florida. He also promotes the NPC Southern USA in this clip that includes his trainer John Mier of Premier


Casey Daugherty
I had the good fortune of working on a photoshoot with the sexy fit NPC Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder Casey Daugherty on March 23 in her town of Lake City, Florida. Casey will be competing in a few more months at her debut national level show for 2008, BUT first she will be guest posing at the NPC Gateway Classic in Lake City, Florida. Find out more at, which is promoter Tony Curtis' website.

March Newsletter includes reviews of interviews with Patrick Sporer, Shannon Dey, Gina Ostarly, and more!


March 21 Audio Show Interview with NPC Vice Chair Peter Potter regarding this year's Southern States Championships, which will include the honoring of IFBB Pro-Dexter Jackson with a lifetime achievement award and recognition as one of the greats who went on to win big after winning at the Southern States. Likewise, there is more interesting news on the Southern States. Plus, Peter Potter shares some of his perspective on the NPC season ahead and much more.

March 14 Audio Show Interview with IFBB Pro Fitness competitor Shannon Dey discussing her competitive schedule, Bombshell Training Camps, NPC Official responsibilities, and the Southern USA that includes her own headling show promotion. We will also get a business update on Southern Muscle Plus that Shannon runs with husband Rob. See more of Shannon at

March 7 Audio Show Interview with NPC West Florida District Chair Patrick Sporer about his history as a bodybuilder, district chair, and promoter of the upcoming Southern USA in Panama City.

Southern USA Classic

February 23 Audio Show Interview with NPC figure & fitness competitor Gina Ostarly who shares some of the many activities she and hubby pro-photographer Walter have going on at GOFitness in Stuart, plans for representing at the Arnold Classic, writing for Status & Natural Muscle magazines and this year's Ostarly competition schedule.

February 13 Audio Show our special guest is Pete Fancher, Chair of the Central District of Florida talking about new shows this season around Florida, tips for athletes including do's and don't along with advice for those seeking success in the fitness industry such as modeling. "Get An Agent" is what Pete constantly advised, Pete also shared with us some of his other pashions including automobile racing and his plans to attend the annual banquet at Daytona that he has regularly attended now for nearly thirty years to dine and chat with the superstars of the track circuit. Then two weeks later he will be joining his old buddy Arnold in Columbus at the Arnold Classic where he has been starting his engine for the new bodybuilding, fitness, and figure season as he has done now for nearly 40 years!.

Jackson-ville Mayor Dexter Jackson

In Running For President/King!

Mayor Dexter Jackson

Reporting from the Grassroots Impromptu Volunteer Campaign Headquarters of Future President/King Jackson in Jackson-ville is Musclepapa John Hawley.


Dexter Jackson Ahead In Polls Heading for the Big Score In Vegas!

Those that follow the sport of bodybuilding often refer to IFBB Pro bodybuilder Dexter Jackson as the Mayor of Jackson-ville. Dexter makes no bones about living here. However, in this election season it would seem appropriate to note that it appears Mayor Jackon’s title may be upgraded to President or even King Jackson later this year! Yesterday Mayor Jackson won the IFBB Pro New Zealand Show, following the top spot in the Australian Pro the prior week and his third Arnold Classic a week prior to that! Last year in an interview with Mayor Jackson about his inaugural Dexter Jackson Classic NPC bodybuilding, fitness, and figure show this humble elite athlete noted he was ranked within the top five of the sport. No more! Look out Olympia titleholder Jay Cutler as Dexter Jackson is certainly considered the leading challenger to your incumbency with a campaign war chest demonstrating his viability for office. The safe money in Vegas this year will be on Dexter (continued)!

Tamar Cohl
January 26 Show Interview with Tamar Cohl of the NPC, OxygenFit,, and now also representing Southern Muscle Plus. Tamar is a sexy figure model, athlete, and entrepreneur who was sponsored by at the NPC Southern States and plans on competing in many NPC shows in 2008. She will be working a booth at the Arnold Classic this year and she is developing her business as the Southeastern USA representative of OxygenFit products. Find out more about Tamar in the interview and at her website at
Joel Brandwine
Joel Brandwein pictured with Ed Corney one of the subjects of his many websites in accord with these golden era of bodybuilding greats.
January 16 Show: Joel Brandwein is the guest for this session of the show discussing his experience as a promoter of many of the Golden Age of Bodybuilding greats, which includes developing their websites, photography, movie production, and working to once more get them sponsorships. To find out more about the services of Joel Branvine visit or
Bill Neylon, NPC Bodybuilder & Official

January 8 (mp3) Show includes a conversation with Bill Neylon, Vice Chair NPC Florida South District, judge, bodybuilder, gym owner, trainer, and sport historian. Bill shares his extensive background in the sport, interesting details about the history and benefits of the NPC and the Florida organization. Bill started competing at the Miami Metro show in 1989 and competed each year up until 2003! Then after only a one year hiatus once more did the diet, exercise, put on the posing trunks and oiled up for compeition. Bill Neylon has earned 12 masters overall titles and 9 open lightweight titles. Make no mistake Bill Neylon is no lightweight when comes to bodybuilding!

Bill discusses the upcoming Chris Dickerson, Mr. Olympia seminar to be held in West Palm Beach on Jan. 19. Find out more at

Marijan Lipsinic, Light Heavyweight Competition Southeastern USA 2007


December 22 Show We chat with our buddy Marijan Lipsinic, NPC athlete and personal trainer extraordinaire living and working in Coral Springs Florida. Though contest qualified for the 2007 NPC Nationals Marijan acquired his U.S. Citizenship after the deadline date. Look for much more from Marijan in the future as this native Croatian brings his love of the sport to the national stage in Atlanta in 2008!
Danielle Hollenshade
December 15 Show : Featured Interview with Danielle Hollenshade, IFBB Pro Figure Athlete. Danielle is a terrific ahtlete and lady is giving back to the sport she loves so much. She will begin test judging in the NPC in 2008.

South Florida Championships

Show Video Provided Here By Muscle Papa!

Order Now! $30 (5dvd set! 8hrs of video!)

December 8 Radio Show with Gym Owner Deb Callahan and her fellow NPC Judge Pete Fancher talking about the sport and the 2007 NPC Florida Bodybuilding season in review. Check the 2008 Calendar for the tentative Florida schedule!

December 1 ESPN Radio Show (pt 1) coverage and commentary on the South Florida District Championships held in Hialeah, Florida last weekend. We shot more than 11 hours of video and the $30- 5 dvd set available hee will include over 8 hrs of uninterupted coverage. Plus, we gave shared some of the history of bodybuilding pioneer and Hall of Famer Reg Park who past away last week.

Jennifer Bishop NPC Fitness
December 1 ESPN Radio Show (pt 2) expectations for this weekends NPC District meeting in Orlando, with new shows coming online. We also speak with the lovely and very talented Jennifer Bishop, of Jupiter, Florida about her Fitness routine last week at the South Florida District Championships and her award winning career in fitness and the gym training other competitors. Also, check Jen out at her website
Jennifer Bishop's routine was one of four guest posing/routines @ the South Florida Championships held on Saturday, Nov. 24, 2007 at the Milander Auditorium in Hialeah, Florida. This routine was dedicated to Jennifer's mother a cancer survivor and Jennifer was very emotional about performing before her mother for this first time. She did wonderfully before a standing room only crowd put on by Sergio Pacheco & Mari Redondo owners of Physique World Gym & Bodies by Mari. Special thanks to Wendi West for choreographing Jennifer's fitness routine

November 24th show replays from last week. I'm off to Miami to shoot the South Florida District Championships! Happy Thanksgiving! John Muscle Memory Remains After Nationals! (coverage wrapup)

November 17 ESPN Radio Show (1st half hour) review of the upcoming South Florida District Championships ( Figure Competitor Karla Podewils who competed recently in the All South Championships joined us to share a bit about her training and interest in the sport.

November 17 ESPN Radio Show (2nd half hour) Kris Murrell interview from the 2007 NPC Nationals in Dallas prior to Weigh In. Plus, separately we had a conversation with John Mier, of about his contest prep and what it is like training more than a dozen competitors at once in preparation for shows like the Ancient City Classic, Dexter Jackson Classic, Gateway Classic and prepping Lee Banks and Lucy Wilson for this weekends NPC Nationals!

November 10 ESPN Radio Show all about the All South Championships. Interviews and replay of the hilarious emcee's jokes and frivolity!

November 3 ESPN Radio Show includes segment with Pete Fancher promoting the All South Championships and bodybuilder Lee Banks who plans to requalify for Nationals at the All South Championships.

October 27 ESPN Radio Show Interview with NPC Central Florida District Chairman Pete Fancher about the upcoming All South Championships in St. Augustine, a level V bodybuilding, fitness, and figure show that is the last national qualifier before the NPC Nationals the third weekend in November. Plus, Pete shares what is ahead for the coming year with potential new pro-shows in Florida along with others such as one possibly in Gainesville and the All Forces moving from California to Tampa. Pete shared some of the judging criteria for figure that eludes some observers and much more!

October 20 ESPN Radio Show (first half hour) Interview with NPC Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder Kris Murrell after a workout at World Gym in Jacksonville, one month before she competes at the NPC Nationals for her pro-card.

October 20 ESPN Radio Show (second half hour) Interviews at the Palm Beach Pro-Am on October 13. Guests included NPC figure competitors Dixie Reynolds and Gina Ostarly, along with Rob (Shannon Dey's husband as he is commonly known), the new owner of Southern Muscle Plus.

Latest Florida NPC Judges Bodybuilding Ladies Are Eye Full

Bodybuilders Sandy Hiddemen & Lucy Wilson are the latest members into the proud ranks of NPC Certified Judges in Florida. In this clip from the Lakeland Classic ( Pete Fancher, NPC Fl. Central District Chair introduces these buff lady champions of the sport.

Palm Beach Pro-Am

Palm Beach Pro-Am October 13, 2007


Holly Stewart, IFBB Pro-Fitness Competitor Falls From Stage!

Gina Ostarly, well known figure competitor, model, and owner of GO Fitness in Stuart, Florida shared a few minutes in conversation while working the booth at the Palm Beach Pro-Am on Oct. 13, 2007.

We caught up with Tony Curtis, of at the Southeastern USA and he discussed the possibility of restoring the Gainesville bodybuilding show tradition. Is it possible? How strong will the support be?


October 13 Radio Show includes interviews with Sandy Hiddemen, an NPC judge, bodybuilder, trainer, and in the near future a gym owner. Tony Curtis of Future Fitness in Lake City also joined us at the Southeastern USA in Orlando last weekend and shared his plans for a new competition promotion in Gainesville including actually a Mr. & Ms. UF! Lots of heads have been turning over that. Plus, a review of the winners of the Southeastern USA rounded out the bottom of the hour.

In the second half of the hour we talked with Roger Puffer (click to listen) about his military background where he got started in bodybuilding, judging, and promoting. Roger also shares why after 12 years out of the sport he reentered it and will be competing at the Southeastern USA on Oct. 6, which he intended to qualify him for the All Forces National show, which he won't be competing in next year as he has been awarded the honor of promoting the show which is moving from California to Tampa, Florida in 2008! Roger is a devote Christian as are many other athletes, judges, and promoters in the sport and he discusses groups he is involved with their benefits and much, much more!


Southeastern USA & Palm Beach Pro-Am Post Olympia Regional Bodybuilding, Fitness, & Figure Competition Gems!

This is an exciting time for fans of the sport of bodybuilding, fitness, and figure. It was just a week ago that the most elite athletes in the sport posed down on the Olympia stage in Las Vegas and many of those same competitors will be on stage at the Palm Beach Pro-Am ( in West Palm Beach, Florida on Oct. 13. (continued).


Oct. 6 Radio Show includes in the first half hour and interview with national level NPC bodybuilding competitor Lucy Wilson about how she became involved in the sport in her youth and in association with her brother whose untimely death caused her to put her training on hold after winning all of her competitions last year. Part #2 of the Muscle Paparazzi show includes an interview with John Organ, promoter of the Palm Beach Pro-Am scheduled for West Palm Beach, Oct. 13. Better than three dozen pro-figure and fitness ladies will be on stage at this the biggest event of its type in the S.E. United States. Organ gives is the last minute scoop after returning from the Olympia weekend and talking with competitors planning on attending his show along with Gunter this year's guest poser!

Roger Puffer also joins us on the tale end of the second half hour of the Muscle Paparazzi show and for a special segment heard now on the web and next week on radio. Roger, discusses his military background where he got started in bodybuilding, judging, and promoting. Roger also shares why after 12 years out of the sport he reentered it and will be competing at the Southeastern USA on Oct. 6, which he intended to qualify him for the All Forces National show, which he won't be competing in next year as he has been awarded the honor of promoting the show which is moving from California to Tampa, Florida in 2008! Roger is a devote Christian as are many other athletes, judges, and promoters in the sport and he discusses groups he is involved with their benefits and much, much more!

Sept. 29 Radio Show & Part #2 a full hour of reviews, and interviews from the Lakeland Classic where IFBB Pro-Bodybuilder Darrem Charles guest posed with his 17 year old son. The latest NPC judges Lucy Wilson and Sandy Hiddemen also joined us along with head judge Pete Fancher, Deke Warner, Tony Curtis, and Roger Puffer for a review of this year's show season and upcoming shows including the All South Championships and All Forces Competition!
Sept. 29 Radio Show & Part #2 a full hour of reviews, and interviews from the Lakeland Classic where IFBB Pro-Bodybuilder Darrem Charles guest posed with his 17 year old son. The latest NPC judges Lucy Wilson and Sandy Hiddemen also joined us along with head judge Pete Fancher, Deke Warner, Tony Curtis, and Roger Puffer for a review of this year's show season and upcoming shows including the All South Championships and All Forces Competition!

Lakeland Classic: Darrem Charles Warmup For the Olympia Next Week

Darrem Charles
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Darrem Charles
John Hawley

Lakeland Classic to Feature NPC Greats & IFBB Pro Darrem Charles

Deb & Jack Callahan always put on a terrific Lakeland Classic, which is scheduled this year on Saturday September 22, at the Branscomb Memorial Auditorium, a venue with ample seating of 1500. This National Physique Committee sanctioned Level II show is open to athletes in surrounding counties only, which means no doubt it will draw a strong area fan base of support for their local hunks and honeys. Everyone is welcome to come support the sport and get a view at some competitors that no doubt will be competing elsewhere around the state and on the national stage (story continued).

For more information visit

Lakeland Classic

Muscle Paparazzi Show #1- Sept 22 & Show #2

We have expanded the Bodybuilding Fitness & Figure Show to include include the Muscle Paparazzi elements, which is a lot of audio and video coverage from various shows. Their continue to be essentially two half hour segments with the first covering highlights from last week's Hurricane Bay & Typhoon Bay Championships in Tampa Florida.

Tim and Brandie Gardner are heard along with NPC Vice Chair and Show Emcee Peter Potter alond with words from IFBB Pro Olympiad Marcus Haley of Team Body Tech, Ron "Alcatraz" Coleman, and Bodybuilding Hall of Fame Inductee Warren Frederick.

Video clips of all these fine voices, faces, and bodies of bodybuilding are available in our video section! There is actual audio from the unique athlete's meeting prior to prejudging at the Hurricane Bay Championships.

In the second half hour we also share preparations for the Sept. 22 Lakeland Classic and share words from Deb Callahan about the show and words from Roger Puffer about the "NPC All Forces 2008 National Military Bodybuilding, Fitness, & Figure Championships.

Hurricane Bay Show
The Hurricane Bay in Tampa, a must attend for everyone interested in participating in one of the most popular bodybuilding, fitness, and figure shows in the state! Promoter and NPC Judge Tim Gardner promises to put on another electrifying rock star sort of stage performance for fans with the aide of his crew, in-shape athletes, sponsors, and a group of terrific NPC judges (complete story).
Sept 15 Radio Show This week we reviewed the Gulf Coast Championships in Ft. Myers, reminded everyone of the terrific show coming up this weekend in Tampa, Fl. the Hurricane Bay and continued with a discussion with John Organ about his experiences as a judge and as promoter of the Palm Beach Pro-Am Fitness and figure competition. That came after several promos for other shows including Deb Callahan who we caught in Ft. Myers juding and she told us about the Lakeland Classic on Sept. 22. Plus, Roger Puffer gave us a word (from the same Gulf Coast Show) on the change of venue for next year's All Forces National Military Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships, which he is taking over promotion Lindsey Productions and moving to Tampa from California!
Sept 8 Radio Show Tim Gardner interview with Tim telling about his plans as promoter for this year's Hurricane Bay Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure show ( in Tampa on Sept. 15 with numerous guest posers including IFBB Pro Marcus Haley and Ron Coleman! NPC National level competitors including Brandie Gardner will make everyone proud (especially husband Tim!). Gardner also shares details of his own bodybuilding experience that led to his becoming a gym & Southern Muscle Plus owner, judge, coach/trainer and founder of Team Body Tech ( that is now over 500 members strong!

What a terrific time we had on Sept. 8 in Ft. Myers, Florida at the Gulf Coast Bodybuilding, Fitness, & Figure Championships on Sept. 8th! Check out some of the clips in our video section.

Column: Sept 3rd week in Review

Leading up to Gulf CoastChampionships!


Sept 8 Radio John Organ interview

NPC National and Florida state judge discussing his second year promoting the 2007 Palm Beach Pro-Am Fitness and Figure competition ( on October 13. John Organ is conducting free seminars in the weeks leading up to the event for new competitors at this first time inclusion of amateurs. Last year three dozen pros showed up and similar can be expected this year! The guest poser will be none other than long time IFBB pro Gunter Schlierkamp! You don't want to miss this one!
August 28 Radio Show with Kathy Connors, winner of the Florida State Open Masters Overall Women's Bodybuilding title! Kathy shares some of her background and history as a competitor over more than two decades as she prepares to compete in Gary Udit's IFBB North American in Cleveland this weekend! Kathy has also been an NPC judge for more than a decade and promoted competitions in the North Florida area along with many other ventures. She is a personal trainer available for you at Kathy Connors
August 22 Radio Show with NPC Florida Central District Vice Chair Deke Warner chatting about his promotion of this weekend's Florida State Open Masters Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Show in Orlando, Florida! See for all the details!
August 18 Radio Show includes a conversation with Matt DiRenzo promoter for the Gulf Coast Championships to be held Sept. 8 at Bishop Verot High School in Ft. Myers, Florida. Matt and wife Beverly have had lots of trials putting on this event through hurrican seasons each year, but always manages to impress with the tremendous turn out of athletes for this Level IV-a NPC sanctioned event. Beverly is also a top ranked NPC competitor planning to shake up the competition at this year's IFBB North American Competition in a few weeks. Find out more about Bev at and contact Matt about the Gulf Coast show by telephone or email at 239-910-1266 and
Danielle Dunham
August 11 Radio Show with Danielle Dunham, a fit strawberry blonde national level figure competitor that first took a top five spot at the 2005 Debbie Kruck Classic, then the 2006 All South Overall, and this year placed in the top five at Jr. USA's and did well at the Team Universe. Dunham is a personal trainer with Premier Physiques in Jacksonville, Florida and raises money for Cancer research while competing as a way to give back for what she considers her self-centered focus during training. Dunham receives lots of praise from her good friend Gale Elie for many things, but especially the terrific job she did expediting at the 1st Annual Dexter Jackson Classic held on Aug. 4.
Gale Elie
July 28 Radio Show Gale Elie joins us shortly after her terrific #4 showing in Class B at the NPC Team Universe in New York. Elie has had a terrific year competing at the national level and shares with us some of her history to go with her glowing present and future. Elie is also co-promoter of her significant other's upcoming Aug. 4 show the Dexter Jackson Classic. Elie is obviously an asset to Dexter as she was to this edition of the Bodybuilding Fitness Figure Show.
Premier Physiques
July 21 Radio Show with John Mier, Personal Training Director at World Gym of Jacksonville and owner of Premier Physiques. John is training 11 athletes that are preparing to compete in the Ancient City Classic then 16 competing the next week at the Dexter Jackson Classic. Likewise, he had competitors last week at both the Team Universe in New York and Southern States in Ft. Lauderdale. He trains everyone from people merely looking to get in shape to national level competitors around the country. To speak with him directly call John toll free at 877-223-8854.

July 14 Radio Show with Dan Hall, founder of where they produce video for many of the national level NPC bodybuilding, fitness and figure shows. They also produce the world's largest bodybuilding media website.

July 7 Radio Show For 10 years running Gene Schlossberg has put for a dedicated effort to bring Northeast Florida a quality bodybuilding show that includes figure in recent years. The Ancient City Classic is a Level II show for athletes of regional counties and for figure competitors statewide. Highlights include the Comedian-Bodybuilder opening act for Julio Iglesias bringing his star power to the emcee spot again this year, terrific guest posers including Bass & Murrell and all at the beautiful Pedro Menendez High School Theater this will prove to be another popular well attended show. Gene shares all the details of this July 28 happening in the interview.

June 29 Radio Show NPC National Vice Chair & Florida Chair Peter Potter shares with listeners his history, that of the NPC, and the Southern States Level V on June 13 & 14 in Ft. Lauderdale, which he promotes.

Southern States

The June 23 Radio Show this is the second part of a no nonsense interview with Pete Fancher, NPC judge and publisher of Southern Muscle Plus where he doesn't mince words in describing his ire with personal trainers and bad advice given to competitive athletes.

Southern Muscle Plus

June 16 Radio Show BIG NEWS!! Southern Muscle Plus Publisher and NPC Florida Central District Chair Pete Fancher reveals he is leaving the magazine that will be under new editorial control on July 1. And if that wasn't news enough the outspoken Pete Fancher shares his views on personal trainers and specific tips that can better direct athletes that plan to come before judging panels of the NPC. Congrats to some of our friends that placed well at the NPC Junior Nationals in Chicago June 15 & 16 including Pam Soper #4 Class-C, Gina Ostarly #8 Class-C, & Dexter's lady Gale Elie #6 Class-B. Great going ladies!
June 8 Radio Show with NPC Judges Tony Curtis and Deke Warner. First Tony gives us a run down of some of the recent events at the Central Florida District Championships from last weekend along with his plans to participate in the show Deke promotes scheduled in two weeks the Mid-Florida Classic. Plus, we discuss the beginnings of Tony Curtis' website that currently features 2nd Annual Bryd Memorial Powerlifting and Bench Press Classic to be held on Aug. 11. And in a session recorded a few weeks back Deke Warner talks not only about the Mid-Florida Classic, but gives some advice to athlete competitors from a judge's perspective.
Dexter Jackson
June 2 Radio Show IFBB Pro bodybuilder, two time Arnold Classic Champion Dexter Jackson is on air talking about his upcoming super show promotion the Dexter Jackson Classic, August 4, in Jacksonville Florida. For more details of the super show check out

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Dexter Jackson on the Dexter Jackson Classic in Jacksonville, Florida August 4 (cont.) & more

Letter from Deke Warner, NPC Florida Central Florida District Vice Chair(details)

Ancient City Classic First in Series of Bodybuilding’s Return to North Florida! (details)

Kris Murrell throwing down at the Ancient City Classic!

Central Florida District Championships

May 26 Radio Show is a conversation with Deb Callahan, an NPC judge, owner of Deb's Gym, and promoter of the June 2 Central Florida District Championships Level III for bodybuilding & Level IV figure, open to Central Florida athletes only near Lakeland, Florida. Contact Deb Callahan at 863-683-9300 or .

May 19 Radio Show with guest Deke Warner, who is the NPC Florida District Vice Chair, an NPC judge, bodybuilder, and show promoter. Deke shares details of his background in bodybuilding, what got him started in bodybuilding, judging, and promoting plus details of the show he promotes "The June 16 Mid-Florida Classic Level IV, open to athletes statewide.

The Mid-Florida will be held at Dr. Phillips High School Auditorium, Orlando, Florida. Contact Deke Warner for more information at 407-291-9719, 321-276-3057 or This was the first of a two part interview with Deke Warner.

2007 NPC Jr Nationals

May 12 Audio Show with Pam Betz, promoter of the NPC Jr Nationals, one of the big steps for those athletes taking the trip hopefully to the top and a pro card. Pam doesn't give herself the credit she deserves for being probably one of the greatest promoters of bodybuilding, fitness, and figure shows of all times, but we do! :o)

Find out more about the NPC Junior Nationals at

May 5 Show with Heather Grace, a Denver based personal trainer, and figure competitor to be on the lookout for at this year's Shawn Ray and the Jr. Nationals! Before recognizing her passion for personal training and competition she graduated with an Ivy League undergraduate degree in political-economics. Thus, Heather may have an interesting set of skills as a spokesperson with an understanding of the economics behind the sport and business side of health and fitness. Check Heather out also at her own website at
Suzy Sotelo

April 28 Audio Show with Suzy Q! Fans of the ladies of bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and modeling we have a socially conscience lady chatting in this week's show about how she believes bodybuilders and ultimate fighters can provide leadership to curb street violence. She has spent the last year doing what she refers to as fitness relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina. How cool is that ?! Her name is Suzy and she has competed on stage in the California area and loves to hit the bags.

Check SuzyQ out at

April 21 Audio Show Gina Ostarly & Pamela Soper, two competitors attending the NPC Jr USA's in Charleston, SC on April 28 join us this show. Both ladies were with us last in 2006 and have much to update us on regarding their personal training businesses in far different regions of the country, new information about their modelling, photo shoots and so much more.

April 14 Audio Show with NPC Judge, Promoter, & Future Fitness gym owner Tony Curtis discussing his history and love of the sport and industry, judging, aspects of the sport of bodybuilding, and upcoming events he is promoting.

April 28th the 3rd Annual Gateway Classic & Lake City Championships!

The Gateway Classic (Level IV-A) is open to athletes nationwide and the Lake City Championship (Level I) is open to residents of Columbia County. For more information contact Future Fitness at 386-752-3100. Pre-judging is $5 for spectators and begins at 10am and the evening show is $20 and begins at 7pm April 28.

Location: Alfonso Levy Performing Arts Center, Lake City Community College, 149 SE Vocational Pl, Lake City, FL (map)

Increasingly, we will be covering the sport of ultimate fighting and the martial arts associated with them here on the Bodybuilding Fitness Figure Show. To the left is a likeness of a Jacksonville, Fl. area athlete and friend named Marie. Visit her on myspace at 
Southern Muscle Plus
April 7 Audio Show with Southern Muscle Plus Publisher, NPC Florida Chair, Judge, Promoter, and all round bodybuilding, fitness, and figure enthusiast Pete Fancher joins us for a chat about his history, all he is involved in, and future developments. If you want to stay informed about bodybuilding, fitness, and figure contests in the Southeastern U.S.A. there is no better source for comprehensive coverage than Southern Muscle Plus!

March 24 & 31 Audio Show with Fitness & Figure Competitor Trina Goosby discussing with host John Hawley her career as a professional trainer and athletic competitor. Trina's 30th birthday was only a few days ago meaning she has been on stage now for 27 years! She works out of Boca Raton, Florida and is available to help you meet your fitness goals. See her again at the Junior Nationals in June 2007 or now at her website

Long version of the interview!

Trina Goosby
Amazin Lethi

March 17 Audio Show with Amazin Le Thi, an amazing athlete, fitness trainer, author, songwriter, actress, model, and mentor to many, especially Asian women looking for a strong role model! We caught up with her this week in the UK.

Visit her at get her books at ( or google Amazin Le Thi to find her books).

Plus check her out at ImaginAsian TV at where Amazin is the fitness expert for the first 24/7 Asian American network where her features are seen by more than 8 million viewers per month!

March 10 Audio Show with Carlos Villalba of about getting the right shot. Carlos and Hawley work together doing professional still photography and video for bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors other other special events such as weddings and community and club sponsored events such as those Hawley promotes with his Billfishing show and business.

Debbi Davids

March 3 Audio Show Debbi Davids joins us to talk about being Miss Sturgis, the ultimate biker babe the last two years running and her day job as a computer programmer! Plus, she was in Playboy's special Vixens edition in February '07 and recently on Howard Stern. She shares her personal tragedies and how she overcame them. This is one wonderful submissive lady that amazingly hasn't been taken yet guys! Maybe you can get lucky? Contact Debbi after joining her website at Show her you know how to impress a lady!

Lorraine Rosa

February 17 Audio Show with NPC Fitness Competitor Lorraine Rosa describes her motivations, accomplishments, goals, as she prepares for competing and reestablishing herself in a national qualifier.
February 10 Audio Show MNZ Editor Brian Benjamin joins us in a discussion of this dynamic new online publication in the style of Maxim that has timely news, features, and sexy contestants in their weekly contests. Here is another modeling opportunity for our figure ladies! Check out Benjamin's perspective on the publication and the actual publication if you havn't already at
February 3 Show FAME PRO, Bikini & Model America star Josephine Dalton joins us for more talk about the problems with pursing perfection and more!

Kimberly Castle

January 27 Audio Show Rising Canadian Figure competitor joins us talking about her career on stage and in front of the cameras and more. Check Kim out at

January 13 Audio Show we are joined by Playboy and Fitness model Josephine Dalton who shares her highs and lows from modeling to suicide and the stops along the way.
Josephine Dalton
Sophia Parnachelli
January 6 Audio Show with the beautiful down-to-earth fitness model Sophia Parnachelli! As a model from a very early age she knows the pitfalls of an unhealthy body image and eating disorders. Sophie helps others through her business alter their body image in a healthy way and shares her testimony of getting it right.

December 30 Audio Show "Let's Dance" International Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor, and Director of Salsa Fuego Dance Company the very sexy Peruvian Cecilia Villalobos joins us discussing her career and gives a glimpse into the world of dance. Having performed with legends such as Celia Cruz, Tito Fuentes, and more Ceci is much in demand for music videos and movies.

December 16 & 23 Audio Show "The Juice." To everyone involved in bodybuilding they know what juice is, but don't usually talk openly about it. One bodybuilder who has researched the issue extensively and who has personal experience seeing and knowing about anabolic steroids joins us. While they are a controlled substance and specific ones are illegal can the average person tell the difference between trenbolone, sustanon and deca-durabolin? Do you check the label on the vitamins or supplements you take? In this first of a series of shows about the topic of anabolic steroids we focus on this lightning rod of a subject.


December 9th Audio Show

Phil McDowell joins Hawley in the studio to talk about diet and excercise through the holidays, his perspective on the NPC Nationals, possible future Bodybuilding and Extreme Fight contests in North Florida and what future competitors need to know about how competitions are scheduled throughout the year and much much more!

Dec. 2 Audio Show IFBB Fitness Pro Angie Semsch provides interesting details on how she climbed to the highest rankings in women's pros fitness. She shares her perspective on what you need to do in order to make it to similar heights. Angie
gladys Nov. 25 Show: from San Diego Glady's from the Mamacitas Calendar girls and car shows along with Mai Thi of the Soul Train Dancers providing the opportunity for you to get seriously hooked up with the ultimate date this New Year's Eve(ad)!
Nov. 18 Show, We offer an update on Amy Villa-Nelson in this show and the Sexercize guru Kim Chambers gives us some perspective:o) Kim

Congratulations to Amy Villa-Nelson on her victory at the NPC Nationals, Nov. 11. She climbed another mountain suffering through all the pain and strain and achieved what so few will on her way to becoming an icon!

A big congratulations to Debi Laszewski who also turned pro winning her bodybuilding division at NPC Nationals as she said in our interview she expected she would. Every competitor we spoke to who competed at nationals turned pro! Great going ladies!

Nov. 11 Show The show started out with Kim Chambers, figure competitor and veteran adult film star, but after her car caught fire Phil and John switched to a discussion of Fat City Syndrome, the Battle of Sobe, and other weighty issues.
Nov. 4 Audio Show Fitness Model and former Texan Cheerleader Jamie Eason joins us sharing highlights of her background and burgeoning career on stage, in print, and now on the silver screen! Jamie
Oct. 28 Audio Show All South 2006; Gene Pumps It Up!

Gene Schlossberg hosts the ALL SOUTH-Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Level V, National Qualifying National Physique Committee Competition on Nov. 4 at the Pedro Menendez High School Auditorium, in St. Augustine, Fl. This is the fifth year Schlossberg has put on the All South competition, but he has been around bodybuilding circles for much longer (continued).

Kentucky Muscle

October 21 Show Audio (advanced run)Bodybuilder and Promoter phenomenon Brent Jones shares with us what has to be one of the true success stories in developing The 2006 Kentucky Muscle Strength & Fitness Extravaganza an event that features numerous sanctioned athletic competitions under one roof providing an incredible experience for about 500 athletes and thousands of spectators!

Tatianna Butler

October 14 Show Audio There is only one Tatianna Butler and only one East Coast Bodybuilding Championships, but both come together in Totowa, NJ on Oct. 28 along with many of Tatianna's friends in the professional bodybuilding ranks to put on what has to be one of the most exciting national qualifiers in the country.

Tatianna, the heavyweight bodybuilder turned figure diva and actress joins us to talk about her career, plans for the future and about the East Coast Bodybuilding Championships.

Martin Chase

October 7 Show: Martin Chase, retired NFL player formerly with the Ravens, Saints, Redskins, and signed with the Jaguars late in the '05 season prior to retirement is our guest to talk about some of the touchy subjects such as working with injuries in the NFL in the news of recent, his past and present career and plans for the future. He shared advice for aspiring young athletes and shared some of the struggles young athletes have to get a good education while being fit enough to compete and make it into the professional ranks.

Chase has launched a sporting apparel business at and offers all licensed official professional and college sports products.


The Debi Laszewski Story: Part II

When Debi Laszewski was asked a few months back if she is where she wants to be in terms of size and definition as one of the elite amateur female bodybuilders competing today. She responded unequivocally “Yes!” And no wonder she responds so confidently considering she was told her best chance of winning at the NPC Nationals in Miami in November would be if she did not squeeze and show as much of her picture perfect sinewy femininity. Only two points came between her and that pro-card at nationals last year. Laszewski was told she looked too much like a pro last year, and was informed she needs to look less (continued)!

Bridget Thomas

Sept. 30 show with Spokesmodel Bridget Thomas on her career and recommendations for making it in a career modeling and for good living preserving good mental health and a healthy body. Plus, there is more from Gina Ostarly about proper excercise, diet, and those micro-bikinis she wears :o)



Gina Osterly

Sept. 23 Show with Phil McDowell back from the IFBB North American in Cleveland, Ohio and Gina Ostarly of the O-Show, and owner of GO Fitness Studio in Stuart, Fl. prior to her reentering the fitness at Nationals in Miami this November.



Pamela Soper


Sept 16 Show focused on the IFBB North American Bodybuilding & Figure Championships in Cleveland, Ohio Sept. 15-16 with Bodybuilder Phil McDowell, Championship Promoter & IFBB, NPC Judge Gary Udit and Figure Competitor Pamela Soper.

MySpace URL: 

Congrats to Pamela for finishing 14th in her first national competition in Cleveland :o)



Sept. 9 FLORIDA STATE OPEN AND MASTERS- Fitness and Figure, National Qualifier, open to Florida State athletes only. University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL


Sept. 9 Show with NPC Judge, Bodybuilder, and Promoter Deke Warner! In his mid-forties he is already receiving lifetime achievement awards! Deke is also planning a seminar after the findings of the NPC judges meetings at the NPC Nationals in November. check back for details on the seminar dates and times!



August 29 Show interview with Fitness/Figure Competitor Amy Villa-Nelson. Click through for story.


 MySpace URL: 

Amy is suffering from some injuries in late September, but continues to train for Nationals in November. Contact her on myspace and extend a word of encouragement.


Audio Show with Wendy Kleyla, trainer and star of the Figure Coach series discussing their activities and Debbie Kruck Classic Figure, Fitness, & Bodybuilding Championships August 24-26, which they sponsor!

Debi Laszewski, overall winner of the Grand Bahama Bodybuilding Invitational 2006, Southern States 2005 & so much more joins us on the road to her pro-card in 2007!

Show Audio (MP3)

The Debi Laszewski Story: part I

The Debi Laszewski Story: part II

And check out Debi's offerings at

If you are interested in bodybuilding, fitness, and figure you have long had access to the stories of the professionals. Bodybuilding Fitness focuses on the stories of the pros of tomorrow, and other amateur athletes, talking to them their judges and competition promoters. Do you think your friend who spends long hours in the gym training should be the focus of one of our stories? Contact us or have them drop us a line or give us a call and we will see what we can do. Muah!

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