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Lotte Bendix


Lotte Bendix

-Where are you from? Denmark
-Where do you reside? Denmark
-How old are you? 40
-What got you started in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, or modeling?
I started bodybuilding when i was 16 , i had a break from training for a couple of year as I had my two girls ( Emma 10 and Kamille 13)

-How many years have you been training? Some 20 odd years

-How many days and how long and intense are your training sessions each week? I train 6 days a week for about 1.5 hours per day in the off season

-How many years competing? I competed in the late 80s and made my comeback last year where I won the danish nationals!

-What type of diet do you maintain (calories, fats, carbs, proteins)?
I see to that I get my protiens and follow the diet from my coach Helle Nielsen ( IFBB Pro).

-What contests have you competed in and how have you placed? My comeback: I won the nationals and qualified for the nordic where I came in 9 out of 12, and "Loaded cup" I came in 3 out of 4

-What are your future plans for future contests? To win the nationals again and the nordic and who knows :-)

-Are there publications you have been in that you would care to mention? Covers? Feature Stories? No

-Available for what types of work? Photo

-Best ways to contact you? and see website at website


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