Sherrie Carnicle

Sherrie Carnicle

Sherrie Carnicle
-Where are you from & where do you live now?
I am from Cedar Rapids, IA and currently reside in Eden Prairie, MN

-How old are you? 29

-What got you started in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, or modeling?
I have been weight training since age 14 and active in sports as a young child through high school. I bought the first issue of Oxygen Mag and have been inspired to pursue a fitness modeling career since.

-How many years have you been training? 15 years

-How many days and how long and intense are your training sessions each week?
Off-Season: 5 days/week cardio 30-60 min, weights 4-5 days/week, 30-60 min.
In-Season: 6-7 days/week cardio, 40-60 min 2x/day; Weight training 5-6 days/week, 40-60 min.

-How many years competing? Since 2004

-What type of diet do you maintain (calories, fats, carbs, proteins)?
1500-1800, About 40% protein, 40% carb, 20% fat, but varies during contest training.

-What contests have you competed in and how have you placed?
2004- NGA Heart of America Classic Figure-Peoria, IL-Overall and Pro Card Winner
2004- NANBF Best of the Midwest Figure-Des Moines, IA- 1st Runner up
2006-NPC Illinois State Figure Championship-Chicago, IL 1st Runner up, Medium Class (Qualified for Nationals)
2007 NPC Jr Nationals, Figure, Chicago, IL, 9th.

-What are your future plans for future contests?
Working the Europa Fitness Expo ALRI Booth Aug. 9-10.

-Are there publications you have been in that you would care to mention? Covers? Feature Stories?
I have been featured in Steel Jungle Magazine, Max Muscle Magazine, Natural Bodybuilding Magazine, Lidia Conti Swimwear webpage

-Available for what types of work?
Print, promotional, trade shows, general modeling

-Best ways to contact you? E-mail: mssherrielynne@yahoo.com

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